Conscious Chocolate Bar: Review

Conscious Chocolate is a company dedicated to creating raw, vegan,  healthy, delicious chocolates that everyone can enjoy. The idea behind the product is simple:  chocolate should good for you and enjoyable for all, and it’s safe to say I enjoyed mine ’till the very last bite!

I was excited to try this new and exciting chocolate, and I can honestly say it met, and even exceeded my expectations. With its rich, chocolatey taste this Conscious Bar is a winner for any and all chocolate lovers. I personally tried the Wild at Heart bar which is made from cacao chips, maca powder, algae and vanilla. Once again, the flavors did not disappoint. The texture was rich and creamy and fudgy while the taste was bold, strong, and smooth.

I’m so happy to finally find a vegan, raw, chocolate that I actually liked. I can’t wait to try their full range of products! I’ll keep you posted on my favorites.

Written by Nicole Woroszylski


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