Hidden Gems: Vegan Fro-Yo in Yafo!

As someone who can’t have soy or dairy I’ve always felt left out of the frozen yogurt craze. I was always dragged to multiple places longing to have the cool, refreshing, creamy treat melt in my mouth along with my friends, but never really could. Of course in the past I’ve succumbed to my desires and indulged into the real deal, but always with regret. I was left with a massive stomach ache and filled with guilt, knowing that I should not have given in.

But alas! I have found my frozen yogurt saviors hidden amongst the winding streets of Yafo, right by Shuk Hapishpashim. On the corner of Rabbi Pinchas sits Thailand Beach, a smoothie and frozen yogurt shop that is certified vegan friendly and certified amazing (by me). The small shop offers creamy fro-yo made of coconut milk (YAY!), freshly made smoothies, juices and acai bowls.


My favorite part? Other than that the yogurt is both dairy and soy free, the fruit toppings are all cut up right in front of you. None of them have been sitting out in jars, so you know they’re fresh! Pair your acai bowl or fro-yo with any of their toppings, like chia seeds, goji berries, or my personal favorite, toasted coconut. Thailand Beach no longer has to be a hidden gem for you.


Written by Sam Hertzig


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