8 Easy and Healthy Grab-and-Go Breakfasts

Not much of a morning person? Struggling to find the time and energy to make breakfast in the morning? You’re definitely not alone, and luckily there are tons of easy, quick and healthy recipes for the busy gal on the go. And good thing too, since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, kick starting your metabolism and providing essential nutrients to keep you alert and energized throughout the day.

Some of these recipes can be made the night before, while others can be whipped up in a flash before you head out the door, so depending on how much time you have available in the morning there’s no longer any excuse to eat those sugary pop-tarts or for skipping breakfast altogether.

If you’ve truly got to run out the door try these make ahead meals:

  • Overnight OatsHealthy breakfast overnight oats with fresh fruit in a glass jar
    • Fill a jar with ⅓ cup oats, some yogurt and milk, chia seeds, and toppings of your choice. Leave in fridge overnight and you’ve got breakfast ready in the morning.
  • Chia Breakfast PuddingSuperfoods concept : overnight chia pudding with homemade granola,pomegranate and honey. Healthy eating. Selective focus.
    • Soak your chia seeds in the milk of your choice with honey and fruit and nuts for toppings for a portable dessert-like breakfast
  • Breakfast MuffinsWhole grain muffins with dark chocolate and nuts
    • So many options available, whether you like rich and chocolatey, or fruity and nutty, homemade breakfast muffins are a great natural alternative to processed cereal bars.

If you have about 5 minutes to prep, these simple meals are ideal for you. Minimal prep time, but massive taste and nutritional value:

  • Avocado toast with tahini and hard boiled eggToast with avocado and egg
    • Complex carbs from the toast provides energy, while the egg and tahini gives the body some essential protein, and the avocado some healthy fats to fuel the brain first thing in the morning. Just make sure to have some hard boiled eggs on hand.
  • Yogurt parfait with almond butter and fruitAdobeStock_149588334.jpeg
    • Natural sugars, protein, and calcium are all present here; essentially a perfect breakfast and easy to eat on the move.
  • Five-Minute No-Bake Peanut Butter Granola BarsPeanut Butter Cookies
    • An easy recipe that combines peanut butter, vanilla extract, rolled oats and seeds, these nutty treats will soon become your go-to for energy on-the-go.

When you’ve given yourself about ten minutes before you to have jet, try out these easy but slightly more involved breakfast recipes. Your stomach and brain will thank you later:

  • Smoothies of all kinds!Blueberry smoothie with banana and oat flakes
    • Our favorites combine veggies, fruit, yogurt and some kind of protein like a nut butter or protein powder
  • Fried Egg, arugula and turkey bacon or facon sandwichPoached eggs, lettuce and bacon on toasted bread. Natural healthy food concept.
    • Much like the avocado toast, just a little fancier. Substitute the bacon, for any kind of meat alternative you’d like and of course you can add more veggies like tomatoes to freshen the sandwich up!
  • Peanut Butter, Berry  and Banana quesadillasSchool lunch sandwich.
    • Opt for whole grain tortillas and you’ve got yourself a portable, power wrap that’s a fun take on the traditional banana and peanut butter sandwich. Lightly toast in a pan to keep the tortillas together and to achieve a toasty flavor,

So from now on don’t deprive your body of the essential nutrients and energy it needs in the morning, and feed it right with some of these easy, and satisfying breakfasts.

Written By Sam Hertzig


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