Get Fit TLV: Some of the best spots for getting in shape

Israelis are known for being some of the fittest and most healthy people in the world, but how do they keep in such great shape with all the shawarma and hummus everywhere? Tel Aviv is crawling with gyms and activities one can participate in to stay healthy. So here is a small guide to the best places and ways to stay healthy in Tel Aviv, just like a local.

  • Run Down the Tayelet-Young Woman Running Jogging on South Beach Miami
    • Running is great way to release stress and get to know your city! So take a run down the Tayelet or Promenade and take advantage of the amazing view to get to know the city while squeezing in a workout.
  • Outdoor Gyms-Active man and woman exercising at outdoor gym.
    • While on the Tayelet you will spot a myriad of gyms lining the boardwalk. Step onto one to get in a full body workout to compliment your run.
  • Studio Naim-yoga stretch
    • Studio Naim, unlike traditional gyms, offers a more laid back environment and classes like yoga, pilates, and aerobic dance to give their members a chance to work out while clearing their mind. They also have NIS 10 community classes and many locations all over Tel Aviv.
  • Team Bert MMA-Beautiful Woman Boxing with Red Gloves
    • If you want to feel like Rocky Balboa, this is the gym for you! With classes such as boxing and MMA you are sure to blow off some steam.
  • Beach Volleyball-volleyball on beach
    • Once again, the beach is the place to be if you want to work out in Tel Aviv. With nets scattered all around the beach, grab some friends, a ball and keep the game going for hours.
  • Holmes Place Gym-Cute brunette working out at a gym
    • For those looking for a more traditional gym, Holmes Place is the spot for you  with its traditional gym equipment and a variety of classes to fit all your fitness needs.

Written by Nicole Woroszylski





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