Hidden Gems: The Vegetarian Corner Shop You Can’t Find Online

Over the years Florentine has become a hub for vegetarian and vegans alike. Its impossible for a restaurant to survive in the hip and indie neighborhood without having certified vegan friendly options on the menu. While this small town is booming with eateries whose menus are mostly available online, or at least have a Facebook page, there’s one extremely notable spot that is impossible to locate in the virtual world.

20133385_10213554700281320_416025465_oHidden amongst the graffiti covered walls sits a teal shack boasting the name Pina. On the corner of Abarbanel and HaMechoga Streets, Pina is a vegetarian and vegan friendly cafe that you won’t find on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Google Maps. Basically, unless you heard about it from a local or happened to be wandering the streets of Florentine, it’s unlikely that you know about this eclectic joint.

Pina serves up some of the best vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, cookies, muffins and treats in the area. Their sandwiches come in delightful combinations like pesto, mozzarella, and tomato, or almond spread, spinach and cucumber for example, all served on different hearty breads. Try their vegan patties or muffins for a small bite or grab one of their sweet cookies for a delectable vegan dessert along with a cup of coffee.

No matter what you get at Pina, you’ll be thanking me for uncovering this remarkable hidden gem.


Written by Sam Hertzig


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