Eating Healthy on the Go! What to Eat at Israel’s Chains

Sometimes it feels like the only food available for a quick and easy bite is something greasy and unhealthy, and for a food lover aiming to achieve a healthy lifestyle these kinds of meals are not ideal. Luckily we’ve found some of the healthiest dishes at Israel’s top chains so that you can eat healthy and wholesome while on the go!


Everyone knows Aroma and that you can find one on almost every corner in Israel. So to make their food a bit healthier here are some hacks so you know what to get to up your nutrition game.

  • Vegan Lentil patties: An excellent source of plant protein in a sandwich, but are also good enough to eat on their own.
  • Smoked Salmon Hack:  Ask to add smoked salmon to scrambled eggs or to any salad for some lean protein.
  • The Mini breakfast: Comprised of salad, eggs and tahini for a low calorie and quick morning meal.


With locations all over Israel, Cofix has become known as the easy and quick place to grab a cup of coffee or even a meal. Though they’re known for six shekel pastries and other sweet delights, we’ve listed some of their healthiest menu items below.

  • Bulgur salad with cranberries (vegan): Bulgur is a nutritious and filling grain that will keep you satisfied longer.
  • Peanuts, dates, and coconut bar (vegan): A sweet, but nutritious snack ideal for when on the move.
  • A quinoa and berries fruits bar (vegan): The protein from the quinoa will give you strength while the natural sugars from the berries will give your body energy,

Cafe Joe

In honor of celebrating their 20 year anniversary, Cafe Joe has a launched a new healthier menu in collaboration with Menta, the Israeli gas station chain. Now while in the car, you can just stop on the side of the road and grab an all natural, healthy meal to suit your lifestyle. Some notable dishes from Cafe Joe’s healthier menu include:

  • Sweet, refreshing smoothies
  • Filling and nutritious Salads
  • Hearty sandwiches and focaccia
  • A vegan dessert menu by Pastry Chef Alon Shabo


You will not see french fries on Loveat ’s menu. This Israeli chain is a healthy homage to its Middle Eastern roots with a menu based on lots of fresh vegetables, tahini, olive oils, quinoa, beans and nuts. Their numerous locations provide fresh and healthy breakfast, lunch. Some of their healthiest menu items include:

  • Tabouli Quinoa Salad: A nutritious salad filled with veggies and essential protein from the quinoa.
  • Any of their wraps, rolled in a whole wheat tortilla: Dine in or take out, these wraps are perfect for eating with one hand if necessary.
  • Healthy Green Spaghetti: This pasta won’t leave you feeling guilty, and it can be made vegan!

Written by Sam Hertzig


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