Keren Ghitis: How Yoga can heal from the inside out

19402259_286940408446205_4283099585316824087_oWhen asked how practicing yoga has influenced her life, Keren Ghitis has a simple yet powerful response: it’s like breathing. Yoga is something you practice and are present for all of the time, everyday. Throughout her years of training and teaching she’s learned many things about the influence yoga can have, and that you must always be present when on the mat. “Even when you feel bad, you have to show up. You gain a different type of energy when you show up and are present on the mat.” Keren believes this is a perfect analogy for life, that you must do the things you love even when you feel down.

Her Yoga style is primarily Vinyasa with a strong emphasis on the mind, body and spirit connections. She believes the intensity of movement in yoga can work on changing the body cellularly and cerebrally. In her classes she always makes sure to focus on how yoga and everyday life intertwine and how practice can positively affect your mental health.

For Keren, yoga came later in life. She has been working in the international sector for 15 years with the UN, Oxfarm, and Save the Children, and has helped women who have suffered from trauma and domestic abuse. Through her work she saw how movement was a form of healing, both mentally and physically. Her international development and charity work with movement and the body is what made her want to study yoga. Originally from Haifa, Keren is now back in Israel hoping to further her healing efforts after living in Latin America and Africa and training in England. While in England she studied at London Vinyasa with Dylan Ayaloo, wh19388584_286985878441658_123348639098309489_oose teaching and practice has been inspired by American yogi, Ana Forrest.
Contact info: 058-545-3939

Photos courtesy of Keren Ghitis

Written by Sam Hertzig


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