Shoreshi Tzion: Cocoa Covered Almonds & Spirulina Coated Walnuts


Do you ever have the craving for savory and sweet at the same time? I often encounter this frustrating decision and instead of turning to Jelly Beans and Potato Chips, I guarantee you these nuts, Shoreshi Tzion, will satisfy both your cravings. These raw, vegan, gluten free, and all natural packed energy cocoa almonds and spirulina coated walnuts are the perfect savory or sweet snack and you can find them in the natural food stores around Israel.

 These cocoa covered almonds are the ideal amount of sweet, and you feel great after eating them. Enjoy the benefits of eating almonds like lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart attacks, providing healthy fats and aiding in weight loss, as well as nourishing the nervous system.

The spirulina coated walnuts are more on the savory side. With it’s earthy taste, you will feel satisfied and rejuvenated. It’s not your average super salty snack, but it does the trick. The walnuts provide a savory taste along with the benefits of walnuts such as reducing the risk of breast cancer, containing a substantial amount of antioxidants, and aiding weight control.

As I mentioned, I have a hard time picking between my savory and sweet tooth, so I usually end up mixing both types of nuts; it tastes so good! I love to top my breakfast with either nut or the mix, on yogurt, or in oatmeal, even with some cut up fruit. These Shoreshi Tzion nuts also make great snack on the go, as the they come individually packed in servings. I love knowing I haven’t pushed my limit with this portion control.



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